Welcome to my digital professional portfolio. This website is intended to illustrate my life as an educator at IslandWood, the University of Washington, and beyond.  I am excited to share all that I have learned and practiced, and invite you to contact me with additional questions.

My Philosophy of Teaching

As a teacher, I have the unique opportunity to interact with a great number of students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.  Each student brings with them a unique perspective and rationale to their learning, and it is my role as a teacher to encourage students to reach beyond themselves in the process of learning. I recognize the importance of equity and inclusion while teaching and acknowledge the social and emotional needs of my students. It is important to keep questions alive through discussion and to continually learn from my students to better adapt my instructional approaches. My approach to teaching is to meet students where they are and to then integrate lessons and experiences to cultivate a richer understanding of their natural and cultural communities

This blog was created as part of my practicum experience at IslandWood. Thank you for visiting!