Continuing my Growth as a Whole-Life Educator

Above is a professional growth plan created for the 2017 spring quarter.  This is a document that has been shared with my mentor and my peer-observer as a way to organize and reflect on what I would like to improve upon as a teacher.  In order to write this professional growth plan, I had to set clear goals for myself.  For instance, I have that I would like to integrate more project-based learning with lessons and activities that scaffold one another.  Additionally, I am working on best practices teaching tools such as “Checking for Understanding” and assessments within my lessons.  In order to achieve both of these goals I have chosen to focus on becoming a more organized and dependable instructor.

I’ve practiced being a whole-life educator by creating these professional growth plan and using peer-to-peer observations as an assessment tool for my growth. Each week is an opportunity to see and be seen by either my mentor or in the case of this quarter, a peer. While this was a daunting at first, it’s become an expected and welcomed part of my teaching practice.  Observations have been a valuable way for me to reflect upon my instructional strategies. What are my strengths? Likewise, what are the areas that I’d like to improve in my teaching? To set my intentions for professional growth, I have updated my professional growth plan this quarter.  As someone who makes an effort to set goals in other areas of my life, I will continue to update this professional growth plan beyond IslandWood.


What else have I learned from my peer-to-peer observations?  Follow this link to find out more:


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