IslandWood Chaperone Feedback

“Liesel is an amazing instructor and facilitator. She cares deeply for the emotional & social well-being of the students and ensures that they take responsibility for their learning, interactions with one another, and their growth.  Liesel kept the expectations high and held students accountable.” – Madrona K-8 Chaperone, March 2017

“Students began encouraging one another; they showed perseverance individually and collectively; when team mates fell behind, the others waited.” –  Bailey Gatzert Elementary Chaperone, January 2017

“I was a chaperone for one day… and a rainy day it was! The kids were a “team” the whole day.  They knew they were loved and loved their teacher! It was a fantastic experience.”

“Liesel’s gift is story telling. Her focus was always on the students. She often modified her instruction to meet the needs of all her students. She lost a chaperone after day one and had to make all things work! She didn’t skip a beat. Again…excellent!”

– Sand Point Elementary Teacher, April 2017